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Quad Free Standing Monitor stand

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Holds up to 22" wide screen monitors

4 LCD Monitor Pole is easy to install and sets up in minutes

The space between the monitors is fully adjustable. LCD monitor arms help utilize work space, improve ergonomics, and share ideas.

The LCD Monitor Pole with Single-Link Swing Arms provides a secure and elevated position for four flat-screen monitors to help free up valuable desk and work space.

It is fully adjustable tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension settings enable a comfortable and productive viewing position that helps reduce eye fatigue, neck, and back strain.

LCD monitors can be easily rotated around the pole to allow others to view presentations and other multimedia. View the monitors from almost any direction.

Rugged Construction and Easy Installation Durable die-cast construction and a sturdy base can easily sit on any desktop or other flat surface.

VESA compliant and ready to install with included hardware. Strict manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality in all products.


Securely holds four LCD monitors above the desktop to increase work space, improve visibility, and minimize clutter -- 14" Single-link swing arms optimize ergonomics and monitor position with separate tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension adjustments -- Metal Pole with heavy-duty base that sets on top of a flat surface -- Easy installation ideal for office, studio, IT network, day traders, and security applications - no drilling required -- Meets VESA standards - supports most monitors up to 22" widescreen monitors.  Using the max monitor size will limit some of the adjustability.


Fits 75 x 75 mm / 100 x 100 mm VESA-compliant monitors -- Monitor weight capacity: up to 13 lbs. each; 53 lbs. total DIMENSIONS Height (pole): 28 in. -- Circumference (pole): 4.5 in. -- Each Arm length (radius): 14 in. -- Arm width (extended): 24 in. -- Weight: 25 lbs.


LCD Monitor Pole with Single-Link Swing Arm -- Cable management clips and trim caps -- base and mounting screws -- Monitor mounting screws (16) -- Installation hardware with instructions and hex tool


Please verify that your desk is made out of a solid surface that can hold the weight of 4 monitors and the stand.


Approx Weight: 24.00 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 30.50 x 13.00 x 6.50 in.
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